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Compagnie Financière Jacques Cœur has considerably enlarged its activities from 2011 onwards: its international brand “CFJC Investments” mainly used in Europe now covers a wider range of financial products.
Firstly, CFJC raised around 450 M€ from french institutional investors on behalf account of M&G in the past three years. CFJC has maintained close links with asset managers that were marketed or still are under active distribution contracts such as East Capital, Sparinvest or Alken.
Secondly, CFJC significantly contributed to the re-opening of the primary euro Private Placement bond market in 2011 by arranging a 50 M€ issue, Laboratoire français du Fractionnement et des Biotechnologies (LFB). Several other successful issues followed: together with varied other co-arrangers CFJC arranged and led for more than 300 M€ PP, and is presently marketing two issues of 50 M€ each.
Thirdly, several Private Equity funds were raised last year raised with the help of CFJC last year, notably in mezzanine french mid cap debt. For the year to come there is every likelyhood that CFJC will manage several mandates of funds raising on account of inspiring and promising teams. Our clientele, mainly institutional investors, but also private banks and family offices, with no doubt pay attention to these new opportunities.
CFJC now benefits from a larger team: our stronger salesforce increased its European reach with a significant number of new relations in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Italy. Our historical partnership with East Capital in Sweden gives us some access to Scandinavian investors. The CFJC team also include increased capabilities in monitoring selection both for asset management, corporate and credit.
Last but not least, a new contribution on this site deserves your attention: Michel Foucher has just joined CFJC as Senior Adviser. He’ll be in charge of strategic prospective and global risk analysis, to help our clients to ascertain potential market disruptions in Europe and in the world. This new advisory approach, coupled with a thorough knowledge of capital markets, will be a real differentiating plus for all our investors.

Olivier Schatz