CFJC - Compagnie Financière Jacques Coeur executes the buy-back and is co-arranger of a new Private Placement for Groupe Reside Etudes
CFJC - Compagnie Financière Jacques Coeur has acted as Lead arranger of the new bond issue, under Euro PP format, for Reside Etudes Investissements (REI), holding Co of Groupe Reside Etudes.
On February 18, REI successfully executed a partial buy-back of the existing 2019 note while simultaneously issuing 50M EUR of a new 7 year note. The note pays a coupon of 4.5%, rated by Arc Ratings – rating agency approved by the ESMA. Press Release

The Long View - Geopolitics for investors

In his eighth and final State of the Union speech on 12 January 2016, President Obama chose to focus on the future, the next five or ten years or more, refusing to bow to Lincoln’s “dogmas of the quiet past” (the equivalent of “things were better back in the day”) so as to be better prepared for the winds of change. 2016 will be a year of major scheduled events and a number of obvious geopolitical uncertainties...

2016 – Major moments and geopolitical uncertainty